Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Midnight Runs Across The County

 This summer has been one big adventure for G12.  We have been all over the county investigating different areas.  Bowmans Cemetery has been a favorite and Hot spot. 

Gretchens Lock has also been a favorite Hot spot for us.  We have been down there under many conditions, including fog.  That is important though to learn.  It is the same with catching your breath in a picture. 

We met the cutest little raccoon at Gretchen's.  I hope he is okay.  Haven't seen him in a while.  Some people are feeding him, and I hope no one hurts him thinking he means them harm.  People need to stop feeding him so he stops coming around.  One of my crew members, Sammi, calls him road kill because she thinks he will get hit by a car sooner or later, trying to cross the road to people when some other idiot goes speeding down through there like they do.  I agree with her. 

We have done private homes, public places and businesses.  We have also made many new friends, and enemies, unfortunately.  You will have that in the ghost hunting field though.  Can't be helped.  Now we are going in a completely new direction.  I am excited for the path we have started down.  With 20 plus crew members, next years tour schedule should be easy to accomplish.    And far reaching.  We have only hit the tip of the iceberg in Columbiana County.  Next year we hope to hit Wellsville, Salem,  Salineville, and Leetonia.  Plus our usual spots.  And we are always looking for a new place to investigate, public or private.  Any suggestions? 

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