Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reading the German Written on the Three Witches Graves Near Columbiana.

I got an email today from a very nice person named Leo O'Malley.  I printed it on here so you could read it.  It is about the Three Witches Graves on Lipply Rd. near Columbiana, Ohio.  This is what I hope to accomplish by doing all the research and looking for the history of our county.  The real story is worth more because often it is better.  In this case Witches are about as far as it gets from what the true story is.  Read on:
I came across your blog recently, and it is very interesting. I liked reading about your events and looking at the photos of cemeteries I've yet to visit. I have always enjoyed photographing cemeteries and reading ghost stories, even though I am a skeptic. I noticed a post in May about the supposed "witches graves" on Lipply Road near Columbiana. I have visited this area to photograph the graves and have done some research on the cemetery there. It's called the Haller (Holler) family cemetery, and there are 4 people buried there.
There are 2 monuments and one foot stone-one in German for Katharina, and a column in English for Leah, Agnes, and Jacob Hollar. None of these people were witches. I speak German, and can tell you assuredly that Katharina was a 17 year old Lutheran preacher's wife. I appreciate how in your blog that you write these are supposedly witches and didn't automatically write that they where as other sites did. A lot of the "legends" seem to reflect ignorance-mainly by assuming that the foot stone was another grave, that only 3 people were buried here, and that just because the stone is in a foreign language, something sinister is afoot.
I would appreciate if you could copy my letter into your blog, so we can help preserve history and dispel vicious rumours.
Again, keep up the good work!
Leo O'Malley

Thank you Mr. O'Malley for writing and letting me and everyone else know some of the true story of this little cemetery.  And sharing the meaning of the words written on them!   Here is a link to the story he is referring to from this blog.
A story will be coming soon about another legend from this County that has been disputed! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jaycees Will Begin Their Haunt Of Thompson Park On OCTOBER 1!

The above link takes you to the East Liverpool Review where you can read about the upcoming Haunted Park Event sponsored by the East Liverpool Jaycees. Along with a  little help from Ghosting 12 Paranormal they are haunting the park for the Month of October!  We are having a great time and hope to scare you out there!    
Coming soon:  An interview with each individual member of Ghosting 12 Paranormal.  There are 22 of us from all backgrounds and ages.  We love ghosts and history.  Especially the history of Columbiana County!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beaver Creek State Park-Poineer Village

We went down to the Pioneer Village at Beaver Creel State Park last night for about an hour.  We walked around the little village and took some pictures and video.  It was a beautiful night with a full moon. 

We didn't stay long enough to do any investigating, but plan to in the future.  Just a reminder that there are other places to visit besides Gretchen's Lock.  Remember to be respectful of the area if you decide to come here.  We would like to do our Legends Walk here next summer if possible.  For now we are investigating this area and hope to find Something.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just about done on the sets......

The sets are about done and we  are getting ready to take it all to the park and set it up!  I can't wait to see how it looks!  The things the Jaycees designed are amazing and impressive!  It is a visual experience that you are really going to enjoy! 
While G12 kept to the history, Jaycees covered every scary aspect they could think of!  They know what scares you!   I know you are going to have a good time at Jaycees Haunted Park!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Silver Legend of Wellsville, Ohio

Mike and I found the Silver Crypt today on the bank near Spring Hill Cemetery in Wellsville!  I love discovering  things like this.  The Silver Legend goes like this:
There was a man with the last name of Silver who was very rich, but also very evil.  He was so evil that he was forbidden to be buried on Hallowed Ground.  Instead he and his family were buried in this old Crypt, just near the cemetery.  It is unkept, with vines and trees growing all around it.  One of the crypts burial chambers was broken into, as you can see.  Rumor has it that the body of a baby was stolen from here and sold.  Ewww.  

I am now looking for more info on this burial crypt and any other stories told about it.  I think it is a shame that it is hidden over the hill on the bank, broken into, and falling apart.   There has to be another reason why this is here and not taken care of.  If you know, please let me know.
Oh, and we are so going back again!  Next time with my crew!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Progess continues on the Haunted Park

Jaycees and Ghosting 12 are busy planning, buying, and building to get ready for October.  Back scenes, unusual props, and special effects  are being created for a fantastic adventure.  Right now it looks to be a drive thru event, which, considering the monsters we have contracted to do the scaring,  you are a lot safer inside your vehicle..  We had to promise them a few good meals, but if you keep your car doors locked, you SHOULD be fine........

Thursday, September 9, 2010

After Hours Permission To Be In The Beaver Creek State Park System

I recently renewed my after hours permission to be in Beaver Creek State Park .  I decided to check into the rules to get a confirmation about them.  One reason for doing this was because I had heard that due to all the problems down at Gretchen's Lock recently, they were literally arresting any one found in the park after dark unless you were camping there.  I was mad about that because the actions of a few people affected any one and every one who enjoys the paranormal adventures that can be had there.  I will not go down there right now,  and I asked my crew to stay away awhile too.  We are hoping to do an investigation around the Grist Mill later this month and I have already informed everyone I need to that we will be there.  Beyond that, no midnight runs there at all.  I even canceled the last tour scheduled  for the year in that area and hope it settles down for next year.  I can't say this enough- Respect the area you choose to hunt in.  Do your best to get along with the other ghost hunters in the area, though this seems to be difficult.  Respect. each other's privacy.   Respect the tables and building in the area and do not destroy them or write on them. No one wants to know you were there or who you love.  Respect the wild life in the area and DO NOT FEED THEM!  YOU PUT YOU, OTHERS AND THE ANIMAL ITSELF IN DANGER. Respect each others ideas and beliefs.  It is a public park.  It does not belong to any one private person.  As long as you follow the rules, you have the right to be there the same as everyone else.  If you see damage being done or people driving in the grass or drinking alcohol, protect this park and turn them in.  DO NOT START A FIGHT WITH THEM HOWEVER!  THAT IS ALSO DANGEROUS.   There are plenty of other places, like the Pioneer Village that you can explore.  You don't have to always go to Gretchen's. 
 According to the park office (330-385-3091) there are no restrictions to the park at this time as long as you have your written permission.  This written permission has to be on you at all times while you are there.  Mine is in a notebook and I carry it around.  I got one for my entire crew. 
This permission includes the Beaver Creek State Park's Gretchen's Lock Area, AND  the Pioneer Village area.  You are not allowed to enter the buildings in the Pioneer Village at night, but the park there is free to explore and investigate as well.  The Esther Hale story is told about the bridge in the Pioneer Village as well as at Gretchen's.  There are many more buildings in the Pioneer Village that might attract paranormal activity because of how they look and what they represent.  The Thomas Malone Bridge is rumored to be haunted by a grumbley ghost that wants you off his bridge.  The Williams House is rumored to be haunted also.  After repeated attempts to get something on the red bridge in that area, I would at this time conclude it is not haunted, but anything is possible. 
Please give these areas the respect they deserve and keep the privilege of being able to have permission to be there  alive and well in this very haunted and adventure filled park system!

Cry Baby Bridge in Salem, Ohio

Cry Baby Bridge is one of the Legends of Columbiana County.  A young mother was supposed to have cast her baby over the side of the bridge and it fell to it's death. 

Now, while standing on this bridge, if you are very quiet, you are supposed to be able to hear the cries of this poor baby.  I first went here is 2006, expecting a bridge that was about 50 feet high.  It is maybe 10 feet off the ground. 

I also heard there were witches spells written all over it and a pentagram drawn on it, too.  None of that is true either.  But, it is eerie there.  It is a road that is closed and  hasn't been used in years.  This legend even says if you cross the bridge and follow the road, you simply disappear and are never seen again.  Hmm.  We tried that in 2006, but nothing happened.  Last month at the fair I was told the bridge was torn down, so today I went looking for it and found it right where it was supposed to be.  A beautiful reminder of times gone by and an adventure waiting to be had. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Working on Thompson Park for a Haunted October

We spent the evening planning, planning, planning for the Jaycees October event.  We have a basic idea of what we need now and what we want to do.  Now we have to create, combine, tweak, and pull it all together.  We will be down at the Jaycees building the next two nights helping to build, paint and tweak there as well! We have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.  Any one interested in volunteering to do some scaring, email me or call Jaycees in East Liverpool and find out what you can do to help!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Looking For New Places To Hunt

In Columbiana County the most ghost hunted place around is Gretchen's Lock.  To say that the place is OVER HUNTED is an understatement.  There are often too many people in the area to do any real hunting and the place just hasn't been the same since they tore down the house.  Soooooo......
We have been actively seeking other places to hunt.  We have found a couple places of interest.  Lock 57 near Midland is turning out to have potential.  Lusk's Lock also has a certain presence to it.  We have recently discovered an area near Lisbon that has a great story involving the KKK, though we are still investigating that area.  Let you know soon  about anything we find from our research.  So far it looks good, and is out in the middle of nowhere! 
If you have a night pass for Gretchen's Lock, that also includes Beaver Creek State Park.  There are two locks to explore and a beautiful old bridge that also has the rumor of Esther Hale told about it.  Thompson Park has it's share of ghosts and the Legend of the Blue Lady to keep you entertained.  
There are other places to investigate in this County you can find if you do your research and look for your self!  Oh, and the picture depicts Gretchen sadly watching the visitors in the Mill at Gretchen's Lock.  (Thanks to Super Sammi, a member of my crew!)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3rd Annual CCFHV Balloon Launch For The Unsolved Murders and Missing Persons of Columbiana County

Some of the Board Members for Columbiana County Families Of Homicide Victims from Left to Right:
Brian Vaughn-
Kimberly Mitchell(Vice President)-
Belinda Puchajda(President)-
Barb Brown(Treasurer)-
Sherrill Jackson(Alternate Board Member)
and leaning in front is:
Marian Spack(Alternate Board Member) and Cassidie Edwards(Secretary)
A former member of my crew, not in the picture is also on the board.  Her name is Amy Fraser.

I don't often talk about CCFHV on here as I try to keep separate the unsolved murder aspect of my life  and ghost hunting.  Once a year CCFHV has one big vigil for all the unsolved murder victims and Aug 29 was the date for it this year.  It was the biggest we have had so far!  It is the only event, besides the Missing Persons Vigil, where you actually hear what the families go through in their own words.  Not all of them speak, but some do.  We also made it to Channel 27 News for the first time.  I put the link up there for it.  This gives you an idea of what goes on.   
My friend Belinda Puchajda and I work hard for these families because we  have grown to love them all and will do anything  we can to help them.  We not only try to get info on their cases, but we try to help them understand why the cases are not yet solved and try to educate the community about the truly hard job our Law Enforcement Officials have in trying to solve these cases.  In the end, we may never know what happened, but the memory of these people will go on because CCFHV has vowed to never forget!

Anton Brewer, of Lisbon Ohio, Was A Victim of The Sultana Disaster of 1865

The link above provides you with the story of the Sultana, the worst Maritime disaster in Amercan History.  Over 1800 people lost their lives.  One of those 1880 people lived in Lisbon, Oh. 
The picture of the large pink mansion above was built in the 1850's by a lawyer named Anton Brewer To this day it is one of the largest largest mansions in Columbiana County.  He would go on to fight in the Civil War as an officer.  During his struggle, he became a prisoner of war.  A few days after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Anton found himself released and on his way home.  He boarded the ill-fated Sultana, a ship with the capacity for only about 376 people. It was over loaded with over 2300. Most of the new passengers were Union soldiers, chiefly from Ohio and just released from Confederate prison camps such as Cahawba and Andersonville. An explosion of one of the four boilers
killed over 1800 people, including Anton Brewer. It is little known because it occurred just a few days after the murder of President Lincoln, which far out shadowed this event.