Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anton Brewer, of Lisbon Ohio, Was A Victim of The Sultana Disaster of 1865

The link above provides you with the story of the Sultana, the worst Maritime disaster in Amercan History.  Over 1800 people lost their lives.  One of those 1880 people lived in Lisbon, Oh. 
The picture of the large pink mansion above was built in the 1850's by a lawyer named Anton Brewer To this day it is one of the largest largest mansions in Columbiana County.  He would go on to fight in the Civil War as an officer.  During his struggle, he became a prisoner of war.  A few days after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Anton found himself released and on his way home.  He boarded the ill-fated Sultana, a ship with the capacity for only about 376 people. It was over loaded with over 2300. Most of the new passengers were Union soldiers, chiefly from Ohio and just released from Confederate prison camps such as Cahawba and Andersonville. An explosion of one of the four boilers
killed over 1800 people, including Anton Brewer. It is little known because it occurred just a few days after the murder of President Lincoln, which far out shadowed this event. 

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