Saturday, September 4, 2010

Looking For New Places To Hunt

In Columbiana County the most ghost hunted place around is Gretchen's Lock.  To say that the place is OVER HUNTED is an understatement.  There are often too many people in the area to do any real hunting and the place just hasn't been the same since they tore down the house.  Soooooo......
We have been actively seeking other places to hunt.  We have found a couple places of interest.  Lock 57 near Midland is turning out to have potential.  Lusk's Lock also has a certain presence to it.  We have recently discovered an area near Lisbon that has a great story involving the KKK, though we are still investigating that area.  Let you know soon  about anything we find from our research.  So far it looks good, and is out in the middle of nowhere! 
If you have a night pass for Gretchen's Lock, that also includes Beaver Creek State Park.  There are two locks to explore and a beautiful old bridge that also has the rumor of Esther Hale told about it.  Thompson Park has it's share of ghosts and the Legend of the Blue Lady to keep you entertained.  
There are other places to investigate in this County you can find if you do your research and look for your self!  Oh, and the picture depicts Gretchen sadly watching the visitors in the Mill at Gretchen's Lock.  (Thanks to Super Sammi, a member of my crew!)

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Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Carmen Fisher. I live in Clinton PA. I live in a big red house on top of a massive cliff, overlooking a valley. The locals know the place that I live on as Preacher's Point. The story goes........ Reverand Orville Hutchinson and his daughter Dorthy were hosting a camp-out/sleep-over for a group of boy scouts. The date was July 10th, 1918. Dorthy and Orville were enjoying thereselves. Suddenly a loud crash of thunder rang above there heads. They waited there, thinking nothing of it. Rain began to down pour, and they called the boy scouts in. Just as they waited for the kids, a lighting bolt struck Orville on the head. He was killed instantly and never seen again. Dorthy, and the other hand, was also killed but we aren't so sure about being long gone. Alot of my friend's parents can recall coming up here and seeing a girl with a singed face and hands. I have never seen her, but i have seen the old head stone marking the spot that they were killed. I personally get pretty freaked out at night when we are having a bonfire or something. Scary stuff. But anyways, if you would like to learn more (I have alot more freaky stories to tell you guys), you can contact me at (e-mail)
Always spooked,
Carmen Fisher