Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is This The Bridge Where The 5 Nuns Met Their Fate?

At first glance this bridge might seem like nothing major.  Just a simple little stone bridge.  But below the surface it turned out to be a beautifully engineered piece of history.  I got an email that told me about this little bridge on Smithferry Road, in PA.  It was exactly where the email said it would be.  It also said that 5 nuns were killed on this bridge, somehow all being decapitated.  I would say there is a 25 foot fall from the top, but....

I am not sure how they would have been decapitated.  I tell the nun story for the bridge down by Lock 57 park.  I had heard it about that area, only their death was not so specific.  When we climbed down to the bottom of the ravine, I was pleasantly surprised to see this beautiful arch awaiting us!  I have seen others like this but you can't see it at all from above!  It has been repaired many times.  Sadly, much of it has been replaced with cement rather the cut stone it started with.

So, if you know what bridge I am talking about and know any history about it, please email me!  It is in PA. and I have not done any research for it there, yet.

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