Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spring Grove Cemetery Tour Oct 17, 2010

 The first of two tours for Spring Grove Cemetery this month went very nicely.  We walked around this once Cemetery for paupers and told the stories of some of the people who once walked the streets of East Liverpool. 

 We told stories of murder, mystery, and intrigue in The Carnival Girl, The Barrel Lady (Julia Walls), The Tweed/Morris murders of 1973 on Dresden Avenue, and the Taylor murders of 1979. 
We talked of former baseball players George Scoops Carey and Charles Rearke.  We also told the tragic stories of suicide victims like Johnny Ashbaugh and Andrew Jackson Bailey.  There were also the stories of burn victims, like the Keenan family who burned to death in 1930 or little Martha Burlingame who burned to death in 1932.  There were also drownings like poor little George Beaver Jr. who drowned when he was only 5 years old.     

There were stories of disasters from this area, famous artists, former Mayors, and a little boy named Billy Amos who just might haunt this cemetery to this day.

We also told the story of Spring Grove and how much it needed some financial help.  The grass needs cut, holes need filled in, and cemetery stones need repaired.  There are some men buried here that are veterans and have no marker, even from the government.  Alex Coleman, for example, fought during the Civil War and survived one of the most notorious Prisoner Of War camps that existed during that time-Andersonville(story to come next about this horrible place.)   The wreck of the Scioto on the Ohio River was also told as a man who drowned in that event is laid to rest in Spring Grove. 
If you missed this tour, we are giving it again on October 20 at 6pm.  The cost is a suggested $5 donation and ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE GIVEN TO SPRING GROVE CEMETERY to help take care of the section that has no caretaker.  Please come to this fundraiser!  You will have a great time and help one of the oldest cemeteries in the area. 

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