Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29 Midnight Run Went To The Old Train Tunnel At Grimms Bridge

My crew for the evening was Staci, Sammi, Brooke, Briana, Crystal and Dan.  We went to The Grimms Bridge area once again, our current favorite place to hunt. 
We made our way carefully back to the old abandoned train tunnel, by far one of the creepiest places in the county.  We follow the old path that once held the train tracks for the Montour Railroad.
Dan is fearless as you can see.  He climbed to the top and surveyed the area.  
 We were fortunate to get several EVP for the evening and this picture.  It appears to be an apparition of some sort!  We were truly excited to see this and hope to investigate the area more.
Most of the train tracks are gone accept when you get right up by the tunnel.   The run into the tunnel and disappear into the murky water that slowly fills it a little more every year.
Most of my crew is here standing before the opening to the tunnel.  If you stand in the right spot you can hear a perfect echo.  One of the nice things about making your way back here.  We had a truly outstanding time.  We hope to get more work done out here in this barely explored and investigated section of Beaver Creek.  We are also looking for stories about the area, both legend and fact. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

November Blue Moon

November was a month full of investigations for us, both private and Midnight Runs.  We also had a Blue Moon, which sent us out to some public areas to see if this phenomenon had any affect on our paranormal friends. 
Sunday, November 21, found us down at Gretchen's Lock on the Virgin Trail.  We have had several experiences back this lonely, path that is mostly a horse trail.  At a certain point back here, your stomache starts to twist into knotts and you feel like it is the last place you should be. 

This is Christy, standing beside an old tree that fell across the path once upon a time.  It was a very old tree that I think may have been alive when Sprucevale was in its prime.  It is almost taller than Christy, even laying on it's side. 
We did several EVP Sessions and even threw out some Bigfoot calls for good measure.  It was somewhat cold though.  No bugs.  No birds.  Nothing moving around.  All was very quiet. 

 When we were done there, we went to Mr. Floyds.  Christy gave us a reading on the place.  She says there is two spirits she could feel there, neither of which was Mr. Floyd.  One was an old man who she thinks is totally insane.  She said he kept telling her "Mine."  The other was that of a girl named Sarah.   She claims to have been murdered in the 70's and her body is somewhere hidden in the woods down by Gretchen's.  She was very sad and sure that no one will ever find her. 
 November 22 found us enjoying the Blue Moon down at Grimms Bridge.  That area is so way haunted!  We have been spending most of your Midnight Runs here for two months.  Eric, another psychic on our crew (he's new to it, but Christy is helping him along) was along for this adventure.  So was Sena and Sammi.
On this night, we were a little more fortunate. Nothing in our pics  and not too much for EVP but....

Our K2 meter was off the hook!  Not only was it lighting up, but it was staying lit up on red, at one point for 22 seconds straight.  All cell phones were off and there is no electricity down there.  We are continuing to investigate this area to find some answers.

Ghost hunting during a full moon is a beautiful experience just to see the moonlight, but it also make ghost hunting easier.  No flashlights required in many cases.  We will be having many more Midnight Adventures that we post on our FB page before we go.  If you are interested, please check it out. 
Ghosting 12 Paranormal facebook Page

Also, here is a link about the Blue Moon we experienced November 21.
Strange Blue Moon For November

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smith Auto Parts Store Is No More.

They tore the Smith Auto Parts Store down today.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I said my good byes last week as I  walked all around it,  taking pictures.  I even stuck my camera under the door and took a shot of the inside.  I noticed the safe was gone, which I was glad for.  It was beautiful.  The building was beyond repair and I know that, but it was still sad to know it would soon be gone. 
   But hey, at least we have another parking lot.  Some people like that idea.  Out with the old and in with parking lot club.  They can erect another sign to add to the others that dot the city, telling you what used be here, before the pavement. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bigfoot? Bear? Something is out there....

 Yet another visit to Grimms Bridge area and our investigation into the ghosts that roam that area.  They are there, for sure.  According to one theory, it is more haunted in areas near running water, like Beaver Creek. It is also more haunted in areas near Rail Roads.  That's there too with the old Montour Rail Road.  While the rails are gone, the pass of the trains are still quite visible.  Standing on top of the old train bridge there, we have been hunting and finding spooky activity.

On Thursday night we returned to the bridge and not only found some paranormal activity, but also possibly heard Bigfoot.  Can't be sure because the noise we heard only happened once.  What ever it was, I never heard anything like it.  It started out like soft moans or whimpers below the road.  Then we heard something going through the woods.  Then we heard this eerie strangled kind of sound that was very loud coming out of the woods.  Paralyzed with fear for a few moments, my first thought was to leave because we had at least 10 people there.  But my crypto crew member, Amber, wanted to stay.  Stay we did. 

We also got a few nice EVP for the evening.   Spooked a lot we finally left around 2am to the safety of our beds.  Today we went back to the area to look for clues of what happened.
   What we found was a foot print by the creek.  It was very large and of course I didn't have my plaster with me to cast it.  Worse still, pics didn't turn out as well as I'd like.  You can make out the print in this pictures, for sure.  the tripod laying beside it is about 9 inches long.  The foot print may be that of a bear, though I am no expert for sure.  Even the thought of a bear in this area is heart pounding and exciting.  We heard something that night we were out there. We don't know what yet, but I assure you, G12P will find out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


 At about 10:30 last night, as I was watching Sons of Anarchy with Jon and Amber at their house, Brooke and Sammi, who are fast friends, called to say they were coming over.  Cool. Always a pleasure to see those two.  Of course, they were interested in a midnight run and the last minute ones are the best kind.  So a few text messages later found us with Briana and Staci, our new Jaycees friend, willing to brave the Grimms Bridge area with us.  All girls for the night, we met at Sheets, got coffee, and headed out!
 Of course the first picture I take for the evening has a red orb in it.  Great.  Nothing like an  angry spirit to start the night.

 It was cold, I don't mind telling you, but also so very quiet.  No bugs chirping or cars constantly driving past.  But there was a lot of tension in the air and we could all feel it.
 The K2 meter lit up like a Christmas Tree a few times, though we could not get it to communicate with us on an intelligent level. Light up once for yes and twice for no just wasn't in it's vocabulary.  If it said no a lot, it was emphasizing it to the extreme.  There is no power source here, and we quickly dismissed the possibility that it was a cell phone. 
 We have been ringing bells at our investigations lately, thanks to our psychic, Christy and some of her research.  The Bells tend to make things happen, much to our fright and delight.  Note the moving orb above Sammi's head.
Despite the presence of such beauty as my lovely crew for the evening, no spirits opted to join us in any pics on purpose.  But then, we wouldn't stop ringing the bells, so maybe that is why. 

Another problem we had was catching our own breath in the pics.  There was no wind and our frosty exhales seemed to hang in the air for a long time. 
Sounds coming from the woods were haunting and spooky.  I have heard deer walking through the woods, but they always seem to take a step and wait.  Take a step and wait.  The sounds we heard before we left seemed to be stomps coming through the woods toward us on purpose.  At 1am, it is a heart pounding experience.  At least two drivers had a hard time calmly opening their doors to their cars which made it seem that much more frightening. It was awesome!!   It was a great adventure we look forward to doing again!  Midnight Run anyone?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Midnight Adventure to Grimms Bridge--Locks 50 and 51

 After the last night of Haunting at Thompson Park, several of my crew and Jaycees decided to have a midnight run at Grimms Bridge.  That area is a mystery for the most part and everyone who goes there is truly bothered by being in the area.  It is like we are not supposed to be there, ever.  
April tried to leave and as she crossed the bridge, she drove right through what she thought might have been an apparation.  She was utterly amazed at her experience and told us in detail what she saw.  The apparation looked like a woman, though she wasn't sure. 

As you can see, many still have their haunting faces on and we wondered if that didn't attract some of the extra activity we ran into on this night.  We were also ringing bells and that may have been a factor in the extreme activity we encountered.

 We were using something similar to a Ghost Radar and as everyone introduced themselves, the name TOM came was blurted from this application.  Also, the K2 meter went off several times, making us wonder what else we might run into.
This was my brave crew for the evening who were also doing their best to distract me from the sorrow I was feeling at my mom's passing the day before.  I love these guys so much.   We will be going back to this area very soon. 
Tonight we are off on another adventure, possibly at Gretchen's Lock.  But then, there is so much work that needs done here, yet.  Hmmmmm........