Friday, December 31, 2010

The Bridge to Bowman's Cemetery

 Everyone knows that Bowman's Cemetery is out in the middle of nowhere.  It is nestled quietly in the forest, surrounded by trees and right by a little stream.   In order to get to it, you have to cross this bridge.
I have driven across this thing multiple times over the years.  Until this week, I never bothered to look at the bridge itself.  My goal was always the Cemetery.   Since G12 has added Historical Research to our title (Ghosting 12 Paranormal Investigations and Historical Research) I have been looking at all kinds of things, items, and places a little differently.  Like this bridge.  Briana, Will, and I actually went and looked at the bridge itself for a change, and then the cemetery.  (Couldn't not go to the cemetery.  We are ghost hunters!)
 I know nothing about bridges.  There is a website I seek council at from time to time about them.
They have listed many of the older bridges in Columbiana County.  There is a bridge listed on  this web site that looks like what tthe Bowman Bridge might have once looked like:

This is the right side of the bridge  up close.  See where it looks like timber was used to shore it up?  How old is that?
The left side of the Bridge is in even worse shape and harder to see with the fallen tree.  Beneath the metal pipe that the water is running through is another metal pipe.  The newer one was just set right on top of the old one.  It almost seems like this bridge was built layer after layer of different bridges.

This small section of stone work caught my eye immediately because it looks like the locks for the canal system, complete with a facing.  When was this bridge built?   According to the cemetery books, it is referred to as "remnants of a steel truss bridge with a cut stone foundation on an abandoned road."
Bowman's Cemetery has no beginning date that is known and since many of the grave markers are wooden crosses, it is difficult to tell how long the cemetery has actually been there.  One of the oldest grave stones  is for that of a man named Moses Dickey who died in 1835.  He fought in the Revolutionary War.  Has Bowman's been there since 1835? (I only ask such an obvious question because it was a common practice for family members to dig up relatives and move them to other cemeteries for various reasons.  i.e. to be layed to rest with other family members or when cemetery grounds are sold and the cemetery has to be moved like the 5th Street Cemetery in East Liverpool) The 1835 time frame  would fit with the little piece of wall pictured above. That was around the time  the locks were being built.  Perhaps the makers of the locks built this too. 
However, there was at one time, or so rumor goes, a Mill around here called Bowman's Mill.  Of course.   Perhaps this piece of wall was once part of that Mill?     I did email the guys on the Historic Bridges web site and asked if they knew anything about this bridge or by the pics, around when bridges like this were made.  I hope they can shed some light on this interesting puzzle.  Here lays more history long lost in Columbiana County.  It is a mystery waiting to be solved.  Well, we're working on it.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Jane

 Briana, Will, and I visited Bowman's Cemetery yesterday.  It is, of course, blanketed in white.  It makes this little cemetery look even smaller.  I rarely come here during the day.  I see it mostly from a night time view point.
We came out here to check out the bridge you drive across to get here.  That is tomorrow's story.   Today I wanted to talk about Little Jane.

I am always drawn to the farthest left hand corner when I go there.  Sitting by itself is a small grave stone that belongs to a little girl named Jane.  It is hard to read, though her first name really stands out.  She may have been one of the first to be buried in Bowman's.  Not sure though.  As I was looking at her little marker, I realized there was writing on the other side of her inscribed name.
It turned out to be a poem.  A very eerie little poem that gives you a glimpse of how she died.


Because it says "the first to die"  does that mean others died after her of the same affliction?  It would seem she was sick in bed and experienced a lot of pain.  And then she died.  It makes me curious about her and her story.  I went to Find-a-Grave  but they don't even have Bowman's in their records.  Genealogy Pit Stop doesn't either.  G12 will be looking into how we can change that.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 28 Midnight Run to The Grist Mill

 The Grist Mill has few visitors in the winter and makes it an excellent time for the serious investigator to do some work.  It is quiet and in most cases, uninterrupted.  There was a time when the activity in the Gretchen's Lock area was outstanding.  You would hear things, see apparitions, even be touched.  It has not been that way for a couple years now. 
 G12 rarely goes down here because it seems there is nothing remaining.  But on the really cold, quiet nights, you find they are still lingering and will make themselves known.   Our mood is usually lite and inviting when we come here.  Our efforts at communication are usually met with success, I feel, because we are sincere.
  Tonight, we did several EVP sessions as a group, and then we put two in the center of the mill, while everyone else  manned a specific corner.  Only the two in the center did the EVP session.   We paired different people up to see if we would get a better response.  We are still analyzing the recordings.  That will take a couple days.   The usual faces appear again and again in my midnight run crews and they are getting very good!  They are imaginative and professional.  G12P will be out there looking and gathering information to further our understanding of the Paranormal world.  We are looking for other areas to explore.  If you know of any, please let us know!  

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas Eve Investigation At The Grist Mill.

 There are many  ghost stories about Beaver Creek State Park.  Gretchen's Lock is the most infamous with stories about Jake the night watchman, Gretchen Gill, Lucy Cobb, and Esther Hale.  Some characters, like Esther, have several stories about them.  Esther either starved herself to death or hanged herself on the third floor of the Grist Mill.   Some say she haunts the bridge and appears on Aug 12, the anniversary of her supposed wedding.   And then there is the story that we investigated. 
 According to the Sandy and Beaver Canal Association, of the two stories, Esther and Gretchen, they believe that Esther Hale was actually a real person and Gretchen is a myth. What they know of Esther is that she was a Quaker preacher and she was engaged to be married.  Her love enlisted to fight in the Civil War and Esther promised to wait for him by the Grist Mill every day until he returned.  He never did, being killed in the war. 

 Yet for years afterward, Esther continued to wait by the door of the Mill (not sure which one) in the hopes that he would return.  She is also supposed to appear in the doorway of the Mill on September 29, St. Michaelmas Eve.  (Guess where G12 will be on September 29, 2011!)
The story goes on to say that on Christmas Eve, Esther is supposed to write the word "COME"  somewhere on the wall of the Mill, begging her love to "COME" back to her.
 There were 9 of us who went down to the Mill.  We met at 11:45pm.  We first walked around the area to make sure there was nothing written on the walls anywhere before we started.  I had visited the site earlier in the day and took several pics to have something to compare our night time pics to.  My crew was Briana, Will, Dan, Sammi, Caitlynn, April, Brooke, Jon, and me.  Briana, Dan, and Will took the inside of the Mill, while Jon, April, Brooke and myself watched the four walls on the outside.  
At Midnight, we all had recorders and started our own EVPs, and took pics and video of the area for 5 full minutes.  We then entered the Mill and did several more video and EVP sessions.  While we have not gone over all the evidence yet, so far we have captured nothing that suggests the word COME was written anywhere.   We did get some nice orb shots and heard some noises coming from the woods which turned out to be two deer.  But for the most part the area was quiet and calm.
 The whole crew did an outstanding job on this Christmas Eve investigation. 
Brooke and April took up their positions in the rear of the building.  April watched the clock for us and Brooke was monitoring our EMF detector.  They also did EVP sessions.  Jon manned the front of the building, taking pictures and EVP.  I was on the lower right side doing the same. Dan was inside taking pics of the second floor, an area that actuallly had a floor 150 years ago.  While the Grist Mill was rebuilt in the early 1970's, the stone used was from the original building. 
So far, we have collected no evidence that anything gets written on the walls on Christmas Eve.  No one saw anything nor had any major experiences for the short time that we were there.    We will be going over all the evidence we gathered over the next few days and let you all know if we find anything. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Night Felt Fear


This is a video I made about a Midnight Run we did on November 11 down at Grimms Bridge.  There is so much history down there that is little known.  First because there are three locks within close proximity of each other (Locks 50, 51, and 52).  Then because there are the remains of two Mills in the area, I'd say within a mile of each other.  Finally, because there was once a Railroad that curved it's way through that area, including a  creepy old tunnel.  Oh, and lets not forget the Strip mine that once hovered above it all.   It isn't just haunted down there.  It's HAUNTED.  Hope you like the video!

Monday, December 13, 2010

What Dreams May Come

Ghosting 12 Paranormal has come a long way this year.  It took a lot of hard work, over a dozen tours, getting out there and introducing ourselves to the public and working together, the best and yet hardest of all.  For example, in designing our new logo, I wanted it to be done by everyone.  Many of my crew submitted their ideas and drawings of what our new logo could be.  Then we voted on it.  That turned into massive mayhem!  So then, in a combined effort, we pulled together several ideas from the drawings and came up with our new logo.  It is a little bit from several ideas.  And it worked better than we could have imagined!  Because we did it together.   It was a lot of fist pounding and fretting and deep breaths and nail biting(mostly by me), but we did it.  We don't always all agree on what we do or where we go.  Our ideas are not always on the right track, but considering there are about 30 of us, I don't think we do too bad.  A crew list will be added on the side column by January with contact emails for everyone.  That way, if you have a favorite crew member and want to ask them questions, please feel free.   We have students (high school and college) nurses, electricians,  musicians, garbage guys, ambulance drivers, store clerks, cable installers, secretaries, lumberjacks, teachers, STNA's, Jaycees members, truck drivers, retired military and home makers on our crew.  Just a large group of like minded people out for a good adventure three or four times a week! 
Without a doubt the greatest thing of all is that any of this exists at all.  There is so much hard work that brought us here.  So many dreams that lead the way.  And so many more yet to experience.  G12P is in the Paranormal House and we are here to stay.
I will be doing a 2010 recap and talk about the year.   

Sunday, December 5, 2010

G12P In The East Liverpool Christmas Parade

 Ghosting 12 Paranormal was in the East Liverpool Christmas Parade this year and we had a blast!  Thank you to our very good friends, The East Liverpool Jaycees for all their help and guidance!!
We were able to get a truck, thanks to Becky and Jim Buren, who offered their car hauling truck with a nice big flat bed!  It was perfect!  Thank you guys so much for your kind generosity! 

 Crew members Teresa and Alan Ammon Jr. carried our banner at the head of our little procession.  They did a fantastic job of showing everyone who we were.  Our banner was given to us by our crew member, Dave McElroy! It is beautiful and Thank You Dave, so much!
 Our Theme for this parade was A Christmas Carol with the ever favorite Bob Cratchet, played by Jon!  He was at the emergency room earlier today because he  accidentally swallowed liquid wrench and his throat started to swell.  Two shots and some pain killers later found him right there on the float!  He was great as our Bob Cratchet!  He is a dedicated crew member and a wonderful son.  His presence always brings smiles and laughs to everyone!
 James played The Ghost Of Christmas Present.  He was absolutely perfect for the part!  Might as well have come from the movie!   Being our head Tech, he wanted to video the parade, but the chilly temperatures were too much of a hindrance for the evening.  His appearance more than made our representation of The Christmas Carol fantastic.
 Here you can see our Ebeneezer Scrooge, played by Mike.  He was also perfect for the part.  He was going to shave his beard to give himself side burns, but was with Jon instead at the emergency room.  He is a great step father for sure.  And not a bad Scrooge either!
 Our lovely Amber played The Ghost Of Christmas Past.  The costume was her creation and turned out wonderful.  She also managed to be here today, despite Jon being in the emergency room.  (She and Jon are an item and share a son!  My wonderful Grandson , Tyme!) 
 The eerie form of the Ghost of Christmas Future was played by our crew member, Alex!  He did a fantastic job!  His mom, Jen, who is also a member, provided the wonderful wreaths on the side of the truck bed.   That is an orb on his costume, by the way.
Jacob Marley, Scrooges long dead partner, was played by Will.  He did his own makeup and it was awesome! 
Makayla, who is a tiny little lady, played our Tiny Tim!  She is also a member of our crew and is Teresa's daughter.  Her mom made her costume, which was, like the others, perfect!

And these fine ladies had the fast paced job of handing out candy to the kids along the parade route!  Despite our large bag of candy, we were out before we got half way around!  But as you can see, they were having fun.  This is Mary, Christy, Briana, Maria, Jen, and Sena.  Becky was here also, but isn't in the picture.
Parades were new to me, as I had never been in one before.  I  also had never been to an East Liverpool Christmas parade before either.  And honestly,  tonight I found myself thinking that I didn't want to be anywhere else but walking down those brightly lit streets, freezing my butt off, being with my friends and crew members!  It was truly awesome!