Saturday, January 2, 2010

Plans So Far For 2010

There are some things already set for this year.  Thompson Park has dates scheduled through May so far.  There is also The Ghost Hunters Show set for July 24.  That is going to be, I hope, a big event.  If you hunt ghosts in a group or on your own and have pictures and adventures you would like to share, you are invited to attend.  I have included Bigfoot Hunters and UFO Enthusiasts in that.  Set up a table, show your stuff, sell T-shirts with your logo on it, what ever.  There will be three diferent tours running that day of the park: 1. around the circle  2. Down to the Big Rock and Pool area  3. Following the paths on the Back Nine.  We are also talking about having a Bigfoot walk with some instruction on some basic Bigfoot hunting tips. 
There are several tours already in the works.  I am waiting on word about permission for a tour of Salem, Ohio and I am working on one for Wellsville also.  On the schedule already is a walk at Beaver Creek State Park to Lock #39, which I believe is the Real Jake's Lock.  That is on April 17.  You can expect repeats of the Lisbon and East Liverpool tours this year as well though they are not yet scheduled.
I am still working on the Moundsville event.  So far, I know for sure that we will attempt to go on an all night ghost hunting event.  This costs $60 per person.  You check in at 8pm and leave at 6am.  Tickets for this go on sale in January, and once I find out all the particulars, we will determine a date and get the necessary information to you about how to go.  
If you have any ideas or suggestions on places you would like to see tours please let me know ( .    If you know of any tours out there close or any other ghost hunting event not given by me, let me know because A. I would like to go if possible and B. I will poste it on the blog and C. Dave will put it on our web site at   .   
Here's to 2010 turning into an AWESOME ghost hunting year!