Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is the Grist Mill at Gretchen's Lock. It is also known as Hambleton's Mill, but I call it the Grist Mill because I want to.  Every Ghost Hunter in the area knows where this is and the stories about it.
It is a popular enough area that people come from miles around to ghost hunt here.  I think that is great and as  long as they respect this area, come one, come all.  Here is my problem, however.

If you look at this door, which is on the Grist Mill, you will notice the right side is BROKEN.  Some idiot out there keeps breaking the door in.  It has been happening for over a year now.  Who could be so stupid?  This building has been here for about 200 years.  And while it was rebuilt in 1974, they used the stones from the original .

This was taken last year, and you can see where the door was crashed in, fixed and crashed in again.  They have tried to fix it with a metal bar, but as you saw above, some one is crashing that in now too.  For any one who has never been there or who doesn't know it, you can enter this building by going around to the back of it.  Here, let me show you.

This is the back of the building.   Years ago, someone bent the bars enough so that most people can squeeze right through.

This is a look from the inside at the door you can go through.  Notice that other disrespectful people have been inside and left their mark.  That is very ugly.  That is a sign of an amature ghost hunter.  A real ghost hunter, serious about it, would never do any damage to a site they were investigating. 

Now, if you should get that door open, again, this is what you find.  An open floor.  If you just burst in, you are falling a fairly long distance and getting hurt. if not killed.  There are enough ghosts here with out adding yours.. 
Oh, and if you are just too much of a coward to walk around to the back of this building, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS GHOST HUNTING AT ALL.