Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sometimes Legend Can Be Traced From Truth

I told a few stories about Spring Grove Cemetery last year. One was a story about a little boy named Billy Amos who died when he was 6 or 7 years old.   Here is a link to that story:

I recieved a message on facebook from a lady  I  recently became friends with.  Here name is Paulette.  I joined a group called Memories of East Liverpool, Ohio. Here is a link to follow for that:

Paulette then tells me that the story of Little Billy Amos is based on a true story, a real little boy.  Here is a link for that story:;

And today, I went to Spring Grove Cemetery and found the grave of this little boy who, it was said, played hide and seek among the graves for years after he died.  However neighbors  who lived across the street on Ashbaugh Lane believed Little Billy was just trying to find his way home. 

Billy's mother, Anges, died in 1954, and his ghost has not been seen since.  Perhaps he waited for his mother  to come and get him.
When I found this story last year, I thought it was just urban legend more than anything else.  I am truly surprised to learn that it is at least in part, fact.  So much fact that I was able to find everything at the cemetery in a matter of minutes. East Liverpool History is just getting better and better.

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