Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Looking For Lock 43 At Gretchen's Lock

Researching the area is a lot of reading in dusty books or hours sitting in front of the computer surfing the web, looking for any sites with information on them about Columbiana County. 
If you are interested in the Sandy And Beaver Canals that remain today, the best place to look for information on them is:
It was put on there by a man named Joe King, who went out and photographed all the locks left in the system.  Some he had to access from canoe as there is no other way to get there.  Mr. King also took the time to put some other little tid bits of history on there, like about a town called Martinsburg, which he may have found.  The pics he took are great and I look forward to finding these ruins  myself at some point this year.   

Dave, Karyn (on her first case as an official member of Ghosting 12 Paranormal) and I  went on Monday, Jan 18,  to look for what I thought was Lock #43.  Lock #42, which is Hambleton's Lock or more popularly known as Jake's Lock is right there in the park.  If you take the path beside the Grist Mill and keep to the creek, you eventually can see the lock pictured above.  It is very hard to get to other than by canoe or possibly crossing the creek once it goes down later this year.  I thought it was lock #43 but thanks to Mr. King's site, discovered it is Lock #44.  So where is Lock #43?  It was used to make the  abuttments for the bridge you cross to get to Gretchen's Lock.   It is just another cool fact you can get from doing a little research into the area you call home. 
Lock 44 is in a remote area, banked by some beautiful cliffs, pictured above, and there is no way right now to get over there. Later this year, my crew and I will be doing our best to explore that area.  Hopefully we will find the ruins of Martinsburg and find a way to make a free tour out of it.