Monday, January 25, 2010

An Invitation To Manor Lane

This is a house on Manor Lane.  We were invited to an investigation here on Sunday night.  It turned out to be one of the best investigations I have ever been on.
There were a few WOW rumors about the house and property, one of which was the possibility of a cemetery on the corner part of the property grounds years ago. 
As we would find out later, there may well have been spirits visiting the new owners from what remains of the cemetery.

This is Jen.  This was her investigation and she invited several of my crew and me to join her. She hand picked everyone and couldn't have done a better job!  I believe the combination of everyone there contributed to the success we had for the evening.  And we were VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!!

Karyn brought with her an EMF detecter from her husbands tool box and it made our entire evening. As it turned out, she was able to communicate with the ghost of the house by using this device.  It would beep and light up when ever we encountered high emf, like around electric wires.  However it was also easy for the ghost to get it to do the same thing.  It worked better than the K2 meter.  She asked it to beep once for yes and twice for no.  If you ever watched Ghost Hunters, it worked a lot like their K2 when they get a ghost it light it up.  One of the most amazing things was when we would ask it to light it up 3 times, then 4, and then 5times. Every time it did exactly what we asked. 

It was a great first investigation for Karyn and Brooke also.  The orange device that Brooke is holding is our temperature gage and the ghost was raising and lowering the temperature in several rooms as well.
We got to use the ghost box and the one thing that came through was two words that said "Find me."  That was said twice.  Very nicely done. 
Thank you Jen for inviting us to this awesome investigation.  I hope you send me some picks from your end, hint-hint.