Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stories of The Crooks Building

The Crooks Furniture Store in East Liverpool, Ohio has been there for over 100 years.Established in 1880, the actual store is out of business, but the building remains, from what I understand, in very good shape. One of the stories I heard was about a man who committed suicide by hanging himself on the fourth floor in the 20's or 30's.   His family had deserted him and he saw no way out but to end it all. Tothis  day it is rumored that, Despite many efforts, clearing the building of ALL furniture has been impossible. 
Recently, I was emailed another story.  Around 1900, there was a man named Mr. Hahn who was the night watchman for the building.  He was also a handyman as well.  Very friendly and concerned about the people involved with his building, he may haunt it to this day. 

Working late one night, the person who emailed me said they happened to look up and there stood a man with a beard, in work clothes dating around 1920 or 30.  He just smiled, nodded his head and vanished. This person said that they never noticed any activity  until after midnight and before sunrise in that building. That's the catch. And you have to be quiet, non obtrusive.
It is one of the long standing buildings in East Liverpool, the Crooks name still plain and visible painted on the side.  It is a fine representaiton of the old East Liverpool from once upon a time when it was the pottery capital of the world.