Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I will be ordering our new shirts on March 15.  I would prefer to have payment for them up front, if possible.  They are $6 each, unless you have a 2x or above.  The price is a little higher for those.  If you have already ordered, I will be making arrangements with you to get the money for them.   
On April 11, Ghosting 12 is headed for Frankfort Springs in PA.  As you can see the scenery is very lovely, and there is also a few hauntings going on in these areas.  If you are interested in going, please email me and we can make arrangements on a place to meet.  This will be weather permitting of course. 
There is not going to be a Moundsville trip.  Half my crew has the money and the other half does not.  I don't want to go without all of them, but I can't afford to pay for everyone either.  For now, at least, Moundsville is on the back burner.
I have put our schedule of events on the side.  Please check it out and see what you can attend.  There are other events that will be going on the list as soon as arrangements are finalized for them.  That would include several ghost tours of Salem, Ohio,  possibly starting in August. 
Our next event is Thompson Park on March 27.  Thompson Park has several events this year.  Besides the normal Ghost Walk there, we have the Ghost Hunters Show on July 24.  That is open to the public.  Set up is free.  If you have any adventures in ghost hunting in the tri state area and would like to share them, please consider setting up a table at this event.  We are also doing a haunted woods event for Halloween this year that will run every Friday in October.  This is a scare event, complete with costumed volunteers. 
There are several tentative Ghost Tours scheduled for Gretchen's Lock starting in May.  I am working on getting permission for these and other possible events located in that area as well.
We are still hoping to get into Wellsville this year also, but no new developements on that yet.  If you have any suggestions for tours or ghost hunting events for Columbiana County, or if you know where one will be held that isn't by Ghosting 12 (we'd love to go!!!) please email me the information and I will put it on the blog.