Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who'd Have Thought: A Lost Mill At Grimms Bridge

Dave and I spent 4 hours down in the Grimms Bridge area yesterday.  We went to take some pics of the locks, tunnel, and bridge.  Hearing about a third lock in that area, we ended up looking for it.  We not only found it (tomorrows story) but also this foundation of what the locals call The Grinding Mill.  Not much remains, but that beautiful arch has withstood the test of time.  I was mezmorized!!!
We found so much down there at Grimms Bridge, we will be having a tour of that area on April 18.  It will start at 4pm.   I am excited about this tour.  It has to be done before the leaves, weeds, and flowers start growning in the woods. The remnants of towns, locks, and railroads will be easier to see that way.   We will meet down by the little train bridge and the tour will commence from there.
Any questions?  Email me.  I will be posting a few more stories this week about our finds in this little known area of Beaver Creek. 

Expect Shirts In About 2 Weeks!

Tee Shirts are ordered.  They will be done within two weeks.  I will let you know when they are in.  They should be ready by the next Ghost Walk at Thompson Park!  Thank you all for your interest in Ghosting 12 Paranormal.  This year is going to be a busy one.  Tours are adding pretty quickly.  Coming to the list on the left will be tours to Bowman's Cemetery, Spring Grove Cemetery(charity events), and Grimms Bridge.  Dates for these events will be added soon.