Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lock #52 Mysteries

Lock #52, at Grimms Bridge, sits on private property, though the owner didn't mind that we had a look.  Full of water now, it adds to the beauty of this scene.  Shaped differently than other locks I have seen, it has moss covered  steps on the creek side, and when Dave and I were climbing them, we both made the remark that it  was like walking up an Aztec Temple.  Some other neighbors we talked to, The Schmidbauers, told us a few things about the area, including legend about a Blue Lady in the area.  There were not any details to the story, only that a woman had died somehow in the area and now her ghost sometimes appears, casting a blue light. Sounds similiar to the Thompson Park Blue Lady Legend.  I am eager to find out more details. Who was she?   How did she die?  Why is she called The Blue Lady? 
 I have read that there is an old bridge abuttment in the area. The odd shape of this lock leads me to wonder if it doubled as a bridge?  If any one knows anything about it, please let me know. 

Is Your Crew Doing Something In The Area?

If you and your crew are having any public events, I would love to put them on my blog!  Ghost walks or tours anywhere?  Let me know and I will put them on here.  It will be listed on the side under "Other Ghost Hunting Events In The Area".  Just include the date, time, meeting place, and event name.  I would suggest at least two weeks in advance.  If it has to be canceled for some reason, please let me know.