Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Investigating The Grimms Bridge Area

On Friday, March 19,   I took a small crew down to Grimms Bridge and we had a look around.  We concentrated our efforts around Lock # 50 and #51.  My crew was Holly, Becky, Lisa, and Brooke.  It was a great ghost hunting evening!

This is Becky standing beside some of the cut stones used to make Lock #51.  As you can see they are very large.  While there is a lot of damage and degrading going on in these locks, it also allows you to see what they are made of.  For me, it left me wondering how they moved these stones and positioned them the way they did. 

Holly, Lisa, and Brooke make their way carefully around some of the trees and rocks along the bank of Beaver Creek.  We used a ghost box in this area and got some WOW results.  When I asked what color Holly's coat was, the ghost box started playing a song about a womans lip stick.  Later when we were in Lock #52, the ghost box started playing a song by Sting called "I'll Be Watching You."  Creepy. 

Later, we climbed to the top of the little train bridge in that area and again used the ghost box.   One question asked was if any spirits in the area ever rode the train.  We got a very clear YES.    We also saw formless shadows moving around us, some black, some a beige color.  All of us saw something as we stood up there.  Lisa also smelled cherry pipe tobacco very strongly.    We are excited to get back down there and do some more work!