Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Wall Of Mystery

About three years ago, while looking for an easier way to get to the Montour Train Tunnel, we discovered a stone wall in the woods down in the Grimms Bridge area.  All the years I have been going down there and I never knew it was there.  It is about two hundred feet long.  What is left of it is about three feet high.

I don't know at this time what might have been here, though I do have some theories.  On the ridge line above the wall lays the long forgotten Montour Rail Road Line. Perhaps it was a wall built and used by the rail road for some reason.  It could also have been a business, but if it was, it was far too large to have been simply forgotten and not talked about.  It could have been someone's farm or property.  Perhaps there was a small village here, and this wall marked it's boundaries.  There is nothing on any maps to indicate there was ever a town down here, but anything is possible.  Very obviously, there was some kind of settlement in this area.  There is too much here that has left it's mark on the area.

Now is the best time to see it, and you can clearly make it out from the road.  It is very near Lock # 51.  If anyone knows what it was, or why it is there, please let me know.