Monday, March 29, 2010

The Old County Home-Demolished Soon?

The Old County Home
opened in 1845.  For the 130 years it was open it served the community as a Hospital, nursing home, and a mental ward.  It was used mostly for the poor.  A little cemetery across the street from it is evidence of that.  There are very few grave markers, but a lot of graves.  These buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Homes.  Of course, no one took care of them and now they are too far gone to save.  I have seen them inside and out and they are dangerous.  It saddens me because to a ghost hunter like me, they are far too attractive to tear down.  A few years ago I tried to get permission to go in, but was denied due to insurance reasons.  My mom and I walked around them once and looked in some of the doors.  That is how I know there is nothing left to salvage.  Still, I wish they could be saved.  At some point it will be added to the list of historical places torn down, like Smith Auto Parts Store in East Liverpool soon will be.