Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ghosting 12 Explored Two More Cemeteries, Both In PA.

  This is Frankfort Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  It is fairly small, and old.  I greatly enjoyed walking through it and reading some of the stones.  It has one of the largest open book monuments  in the area and a nice closed book monument, too.  The three little graves represent little children.  The stones are weathered and hard to read, as most are made of sandstone in this graveyard. 

We also stopped at Kings Creek Cemetery.  There was a fire that burned a lot of the old dead trees around the stones a few months ago.  While this cemetery is also very old, some of the stones are in quite good condition.   Kings Creek is cold, and quiet.  Too quiet.  It is hard to stay there for long because you feel like some one is near you and very angry that you are there.  We have done several EVP sessions and gotten nothing here.  Not even a "Get Out."   By far, it is one of the creepiest and most  unsettling graveyards we have been to, day and worse, at night.
In both of these cemteries you also feel like you have gone back in history as you walk through the rows of stones.  Stones that are sometimes as individual as the people they represent.