Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Recent Visit To Gretchen's Lock

We took advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having and went to Gretchen's Lock for a picnic.  The area has taken a beating so far this year.  Lock # 42 is in worse shape than I have ever seen it.  A few more years and you won't be able to tell it was a lock.  If the story is true that Jake protects his Lock, than this one isn't his.  But then, I believe Jake's Lock is #39 so this makes sense to me. 
There is a huge pile of logs and other debree in front of the bridge.  That came from the heavy rains we had last week of course.  There are downed tree branches from the record snow fall we experienced  as well. 
My crew and I are camping here this summer, though we have not determined a date yet.  I love this park.  I could and have spent many hours down here exploring the area looking for ghosts.  Now is a good time to go down so you can see the lay of the land, so to speak.  You can make out the stone wall above the rest rooms, see the remnants of a house near the site of the old house, see where parts of the original Grist Mill once stood, and get a good idea of how large lock #42 really was.  If history interests you, April is an excellent time to explore Gretchen's Lock.