Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Mysteries of Carmel Achor Road

There are a lot of interesting things to see on the way to Covington Nursing Home near East Palestine.  My mom has to stay there for a few weeks because she recently broke her hip.  I go and visit her every day so I have been stopping to look at some of the things that interest me.  This is actually an Amber-Find.  She took me up Carmel Apple Road to show me the remains of this bridge.  I was intrigued.
It is very old.  Made of cut stone, you can tell the road once went this way.  It is surrounded by steep hills. 
It almost looks like an animal den from a zoo or something at first glance.  Once again, I am looking for any info on it that anyone knows.  if you are aware of any history for it, please email me!
I have a couple more stories coming from Carmel Achor Road in the next few days.  A bridge build in 1882, and an old cemetery with a spooky old church are also on my list just from that road. Also, do you wonder why Achor is spelled this way instead of acre?  I have the answer for that in tomorrow's story.