Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Achor Cemetery After Dark

Amber and I went to visit my mom at Covington for a while tonight.  She is doing well, and might get to come home soon.  :)  On our way home, we stopped at a little cemetery Dave found a few months ago called Achor Cemetery.  Old.  Lots of interesting head stones.  A wonderful old church that is no longer used.  Out in the middle of nowhere.  And seemingly, very haunted.
We have done a few EVP sessions there, as well as two ghost box sessions.  We got an eerie sentence using the box that says "You are hunting us." 
In the first picture if you look to the left , you will see two stones near the far corner of the church.  Between them is a ghost.  The second picture shows what that area looks like with out the ghost in it.  It is, seemingly, a cloaked figure peering at us from between the stones.  NICE!
The last picture is of a bright,  moving orb by the church.   We were very respectful.  We said please and thank you.  We asked.  We did not demand.  It was great.  We are eager to continue our investigation of this little cemetery and look for some history about it.  Our next goal will be to get Amy out there and see what she senses. 
Tomorrow I will put another story on here about Achor Cemetery and what it looks like during the day.
If you like old cemeteries, this one is a great place to explore.