Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grimms Bridge Adventure

Cold.  Cool.  Awesome!   That describes our adventure at Grimms Bridge today!  We explored the Grimms Bridge area for nearly 4 hours, visiting the guard Lock for Dam 16, Lock # 50, the remains of the Spears Mill, the little train tressel, and the Montour Train Tunnel.  We did several ghost box sessions and one EVP session.   Mike got his name mentioned, as did Autum,  but we also heard the name Hank.  Using his cell  phone and a cool application on it for ghost hunting,  Will was able to pick up the name Dick as well as several other words. 
An amazing young man named Alan and his outstanding family, Teresa (his mom) and his sister,  Makayla (and several of their friends!!!) came also and had a way cool adventure.  Alan is a huge ghost hunting fan and has some great equipment!  While I hear Alan is autistic, I saw no evidence of that today!!  He is a great ghost hunter!
We followed trails that were blocked by fallen trees, briars, and deep, thick mud, but we conquered it all.  Our EVP included "Go back to the truck."  When we asked "Are you married?" we got the reply "I've been around."
Some reviewing needs to be done for all EVP and Ghost Box sessions, but we heard enough to know we were not alone.  The area needs a lot more work.  It is definitely worth your time if you are a ghost hunter looking for a new place to go.

Grimms Bridge Walk Is On Today!!!

The Grimms Bridge Area Walk is today at 4pm.  Everything looks good for that one!  We will be visiting two locks, one little train tressle, one strange wall in the woods, one old grist mill, and one SPOOKY TUNNEL!!
We will also be doing several EVP sessions, a ghost box session or two, and taking lots of pictures.  As usual, there is no charge.  We will be making some video on this one and putting it on YouTube as well!  If you're feeling like an adventure, come to Grimms Bridge at 4pm today and join us!