Saturday, May 8, 2010

So far, Gretchen's Lock Adventure is still on!

Weather is sometimes hard to deal with when ghost hunting outside, but it is also worth your time to try it in different weather conditions.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Or discovery.  Wind and rain are not the best conditions to look for ghosts, but you never know what a ghost might be able to do with that either.  Unless you try, of course.  I will keep this updated through out the day.  Basically, if it is raining pretty good and storming (lightening etc)  we will have no choice but to cancel.   I will let you know!

The House On Birch Road

As I drove along Birch Road the other day, working on the ghost story I had heard about, I saw this house and literally had to slam on my brakes and take a picture of it.  It is obviously an old house.  Some of the windows even look original.  It seemed to just jump out at me.  I took this picture and added it to our facebook group page.  We are having a contest on who can find the scariest house in Columbiana County.
A comment (thanks Wendy!)  was made about the house being haunted.
"This house is very haunted! A friend of mine use to live in it & we heard it was involved in the Underground Railroad to get slaves from the river out into the country to escape to Canada. I use to get cold goosebups there all the time & I could hear little kids playing in the yard at all hours of the night."
Underground Railroad stories always have my attention!  There is a bend in the road right by this house that is flanked by an open field.  I wondered if this was where the stagecoach accident might have occured.  Coupled with a historic and possibly haunted house, this area has interesting investigative possibilities!