Monday, May 10, 2010

More info on The Three Witches From Angel and Steve

I recieved an email from Angel and Steve along with this picture.
Here are a few pics of the (supposed to be)Witches graves , here is a site that has not much about it , and has other haunted areas on there as well .. scroll down to New Springfield
..this is what it says ..German Witches Graves - Just off of Lipply Road, there's a hayfield with a clump of trees in the center. Three tombstones in this clump of trees are said to belong to witches. All three graves are written in German. Ghostly figures have been spotted in the trees, as well as the field. The three witches still haunt the area as well.
So, I am looking for stories about this area if anyone has any.   

Three Witches

Somewhere in the Columbiana area, possibly toward North Lima, there is apparently a road.  On that road is a field.  And in that field, all by themselves are three graves.  They are written in German, so no one is sure exactly what they say.  It is rumored to be the graves of three witches.  Does anyone know what I am talking about? I heard this story from Angel and Steve, two of my newest Ghost Hunting friends.  They have been to the site and can verify that the graves are there, and written in German. An older gentleman stopped and told them the stories were not true.    If you know any history about this area or heard the tale, please let me know.