Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Eerie Remains Of Old Route 7

There is a section of Road outside of Wellsville.  Amy and I were out there yesterday.  While Route 7 is now a nice, 4 lane highway, at one time it was this road seen here.  As we traveled down it, I couldn't help but feel like I was in some Scifi movie where mankind had been wiped out and this is all that remained. 

Along the road, not only is the curb still on one side, but this cement wall is on the other.   And stairs.  Stairs that once lead to homes and businesses.  These places were destroyed when the highway was put in. Except for what you see.

At the base of the stairs is a little cement room, with a window.  I have no idea what these rooms are for.  Storage, perhaps.  There are several of them.

This tunnel runs under the railroad tracks.  Part of the highway that once ran through here and is now a ghostly remainder of another time and place that no longer exists.

Where Amy is standing is where the road ends.  There used to be a bridge there.  This is a party place now.  A place to go fishing.  It is Yellow Creek.  A lot of trucks pulling motorcycles drove past us, making their way to hill climbing fun. 
In front of the truck, under the bridge, it is rumored that some one committed suicide a few years ago.  We did a ghost box session here and some one said "They took my gun." 
Somewhere around here was a bar called Waterford Downs.  The body of a young woman was found behind it in around 1954.  She was never identified and her killer never caught.  In a ghost box session, someone named Mary talked to us.  We also kept hearing "Find me." 
I look forward to getting my whole crew down here some Saturday this summer to explore and investigate this area further. 
If you know any stories about old route 7, or Waterford Downs, or know anything about the tales I mentioned, please let me know.