Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ghosting 12 Paranormal Expands Crew To 16

Because G12 has such a large tour schedule this year and our investigations have doubled, it became necessary to increase the size of our crew.  Above left is Alex (far left) and Jen (green shirt) along with our Sammi and Will. At right is Becky.  
They bring our crew size to 16. Alex is 15 and is joining our Junior G12 crew.  Jen and Becky have been coming to every ghost walk or tour we have had since early last year.  I met Jen at Thompson Park.  She likes many aspects of ghost hunting and we are looking forward to finding her strengths in the field. 
Becky is already starting to shine in research alone.  Knowing the history and legends of an area is one of the most important aspects of being a ghost hunter.  Her field talents are also yet to be discovered, but knowing what ghosts to look for is half the battle.
Our Crew List:
Kimberly(L.I. and Founder)
Jon(Tours and Investigator)
Amber(Big Foot and Investigator)
Amy(Empathic Investigator)
Sarah( Investigator)
Dave(Technician and Research)
Becky(Investigator and Research)
Will(Gadget Guy and Investigator)
Brooke(Computers and Investigator)
Karyn(EVP and Investigator)