Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Georgetown PA and a Cemetery Witch

G12 is having a blast on our midnight adventures.  My friend Holly told me about a cemetery near her sister, Karena's house.  She lives in Georgetown, Pa, very close to Hookstown.  So, Friday night, after my CCFHV meeting, Amber, Brooke, Briana, and I went on another Midnight adventure.  We were so glad we did!
We captured an excellent EVP that said "GO HOME!"   It came over the Ghost Box, before we even got started.  I was working with another recorder to get it started when those two haunting words came out of the radio.  We did not get much in the way of pictures or video, though there are a few pics we are taking a closer look at. 

Expect a video about it soon!
Besides Holly and Karena, we were joined by Kylie, Alexiss, and Amber, who told us an interesting story about this cemetery.
Years ago, there was a woman that everyone thought practiced the black arts. She was labeled a witch.  The townspeople attempted to hang her from a tree once located in the cemetery, but, according to the story, the tree broke and the witch got away.  Now, every Halloween, she returns to Georgetown Cemetery.  This is a legend we are working on finding more information about.  If you have heard this story, please let me know! 
We are planning a daytime exploration here in the near future because there were things we couldn't see, like signature rock. Definitely a must see attraction for this fine old cemetery. It is located on a hill and accompanied by something of a high cliff, so we opted to view it when we had a lower risk of getting killed. No need to add our ghosts to the area. It has enough.

Another Ghost Hunting Idea

In your quest to find a ghost, never limit yourself.  Try anything that comes to mind because you never know what is going to work.  Here you see a square drawn in the dust on Amber's van.  We asked if any spirits in the area were around to please put a mark in the square.  While we didn't get anything, we plan on trying this several times during our adventures this summer.  Something like using baby powder on the floor to catch footsteps from a ghost.  You will be the first to know if we get anything!