Thursday, June 3, 2010


My trip to Virginia  has been wonderful so far.  This is day three and I have been to several places ghost hunting.  The crypt to the right is found in a small grave yard in Williamsburg.  We walked around for several hours there and I took 300 pictures. 
We also went to a small grave yard that has the remains of a church on it in Surry, Virginia,  that was built in 1639.   It was burned down in 1868.  We did several EVP sessions there and the coolest things happened!  As I was looking at my digital recorder, the words SEE YOU came across the lower part of the screen.  As far as I know the only word to come across that is HOLD.
Yesterday we went to a place where a small battle occurred during the Civil War.  There are many places like it in the area.  It isn't marked, nor is a memorial.  It is just a place the locals know about.  I lost one of my recorders in that area, so I am going back today to try and find it.  But, EVP here is great!  It is so loud!   I was not expecting it.  We talked to someone named Anna Currey and Jeff Martin. Anna's name we got from an EVP session.  Jeff's name we got from the Ghost Radar application you can get on your cell phone!  We have been combining the Ghost Radar application and EVP sessions for some interesting results.  I would say at this point that Virginia just might be more haunted than Ohio.  Maybe.  :)