Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gretchen's Tour at 6pm

Had a typo on the schedule on the side.  The tour tonight is for 6pm.  and will be ending in Virgin Territory, so to speak.  It should be interesting.  The fog has been bad down there, at least last night anyway.  Be prepared for mud because we have had so much rain.  DO NOT WEAR SHOES YOU WILL WORRY ABOUT RUINING!  Also, with the high humidity in that area, expect a lot of breath shots, like the one left.  It might be warm out, but in all that moisture, your breath can still come out like this. 
Above is Mike, Lindsii (special guest from our new Virginia Chapter!) Sammi, Amber, and Will.  Remember a flashlight, camera, extra batteries, and a digital recorder, if you have one.  Mostly though, be prepared to have a fun adventure!