Monday, June 14, 2010

General John Hunt Morgan's Battle Sword

This is the River Museum in Wellsville, Ohio.  I finally got to visit there yesterday and I was so glad I did.  After the Missing Person's Vigil was over, Mike and I went exploring this wonderful old house.  It is open every Sunday over the summer.  All they ask is a donation when you enter (your choice) and to sign their guest book.  Gladly I signed and dropped in a few bucks to the donation jar. This building housed  one thing I have been eager to see since last year!
And there it was!  The battle sword of General John Hunt Morgan!  The sword he actually held in his hand and fought with during the Civil War!  Surrounded by pictures, books, and artifacts from the time, I was enthralled.  I did a story about General Morgan last year. 

  I got a close up of the hilt.  As you look at it you can tell it was well used.  Once General Morgan was captured, he was brought to the Whitacre House as a Prisoner of War.  He was treated so kindly by Mr. Tom Whitacre, General Morgan presented him with his sword as a gift for his kindness.  The sword was in a safe for many years, but was finally given to the museum for display. 
I will be doing a story on the Whitacre House next.