Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Whitacre House Part 1

                 As I was getting things ready for the Missing Person's Vigil in Wellsville, I ran across this plaque, near the Gazebo.  There are lots of interesting historical facts hidden on little memorials like this.  The memorials themselves are usually hidden, like the one beside the Masonic Temple in East Liverpool or the one in front of the 1st NC Bank in Lisbon, beside the Lisbon Masonic Temple.  Both talk about famous presidents who have been in this area, one of them being George Washington.  Which one? You will have to go look. :)
The owners of this property  told me they moved this plaque into their back yard, enclosed with a fence, and the citizens of Wellsville demanded their memorial returned, which was done, of course.

So as I am standing there reading this plaque, I am more and more excited.  The plaque says:
"Here James A. Garfield, Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Johnson spoke,  General Lewis Cass, U.S. Secretary Of State was a guest, and General John H. Morgan, CSA "The Raider" was a prisoner of war."
And I am stunned!  I never heard of this place.  The Whitacre House burned down around the 1920's , though I can't remember for sure.  This picture can be found in the River Museum in Wellsville.   The two names that jumped out at me on the plaque was Abraham Lincoln (of course!)  and then Gen. John H. Morgan.  Yet another part of the Morgans Raiders story unfolded  for me  Once he was captured near West Point, he was taken to Wellsville until he could be transported safely to Columbus.  I was overjoyed to discover even more major historical events that occurred in Columbiana County.  What a treasure trove this little county is turning out to be! 
Tomorrow I will tell you about the building that now sits on the Whitacre House site.  Rumors about it include one involving Pretty Boy Floyd.