Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finding Clues About Gretchen's Lock and Why It Is Haunted

One of the stories I tell at Gretchen's Lock is of a woman named Hannah Huddleston.  She was born in 1825 and died in 1899.  Her stone, located at Clarkson Cemetery, says:
Hannah, wife of
William Huddleston
She owned property on the other side of Beaver Creek at Gretchen's Lock (about 45 acres) and 20 acres directly beside the Grist Mill.  Oh, and she haunts Sprucevale.  I do not know why. 
This is the corner of an old foundation across the creek from Gretchen's.  I believe it might have been Hannah's house.  She talks the loudest at what we call Hannah's tree.  She has said her name and repeated a sentence we said.  But she is a mystery I can not figure out.  Why does she haunt the park?  What happened to her husband.  If he is buried beside her, he does not have a marker, and he isn't in the cemetery books.  By the 1870 Census, Hannah is alone and the land is solely in her name.  I am still looking for any info I can find about her.  Maybe she has relatives around here still.  I have often thought of picking up the phone book and just start calling people with her last name.  Maybe she made some kind of impression and is still talked about to this day.  Or maybe there is a picture somewhere of her.  That would be so great to discover!  This is a map of Sprucevale from about 1872.  Hannah is clearly on here, as well as other names.  If you know who might have lived in the house across the creek or anything about Hannah, please email me.  I just wonder why she would haunt the park.  If it is her, that is.  She seemed to live a normal life.  She lived to be 74.  Someone loved her enough to get her a nice grave stone.  Why not her husband?  Why were they not buried together?  Why didn't she remarry?  Was William killed when the Dam broke in 1852?  So many questions?  I am looking for answers.

June 26 Thompson Park Ghost Walk is Canceled!

I am sorry to announce that I am canceling the June 26 Ghost Walk at Thompson Park.  I have another engagement and not enough of my crew available to man both events.  The next ghost walk at Thompson's is July 17.  Hope to see you there!