Friday, June 25, 2010

A Rogers Adventure and Future Midnight Run Site

A future investigation site is this little house.  It is owned by my friend Cassidie and located in Rogers, Ohio.
Mike, Will, Briana, and I checked it out last week to make sure it was safe to go inside.    We are using it for Midnight Run purposes.  I am excited because this place, while small, has several areas inside that offer a good scare and practice for future investigations.  There is an opening in the wall of a back room that we will practice turning our backs on.  We will also be going inside one at a time alone.  Okay in the daytime, but a way different story after dark.  Especially when you know there really are things that go bump in the night.
There is a back room made out of cement block and there are several notes written on the wall.  The one pictured above is signed by Jewel Reed.  She says "For anyone who reads this, I am probably back in jail..."
Of course it lends mystery to the little house, in a sinister sort of way.  Why would she be in jail?  Is there even such a person as Jewel?  Or is it just a prank?  This house will make a great practice place for my crew.  Even better if it is haunted.  We will find out!