Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scenes from the Legends Of The Park Tour June 26, 2010

Ghosting 12 Paranormal  was down at Gretchen's Lock for over 12 hours yesterday.  We ate a lot of pizza and hot dogs.  Drank a  lot of water.  Walked the trails more than once.  And that was before dark!

Everyone was wonderful.  We made some new friends and said hello to some old ones. 
I had a great crew, including Lindsey, our special guest from the Virginia Chapter of G12.  Briana, another new crew member, worked hard all week at her job to get off early for the evening tour.  Thanks so much Briana!    Will stayed the ENTIRE DAY WITH MIKE AND I.  THAT WAS OVER 12 HOURS!   Dave also got to come tonight.  He works two jobs right now, including being in the Air National Guard out of Pittsburgh.  He brought his night vision camera and has already posted several videos of the evening on our face book page! 
 Gretchen's Lock is absolutely beautiful right now and is worth the walk back.  The foliage has almost grown completely around it.  When you walk in it is like walking into a cave. 

I finally got to meet Ranger Todd Metz, which was a pleasure.  The Dustin Huffman Memorial Overlook was cleaned up, clipped, chopped, and sawed to get ready for the Dedication.  And the view is breathtaking.  It was a somber day that I will always remember.  While there was heartache in the air, there was great love too.  You couldn't help but feel it.  If you were lucky  enough to have known Dustin in his life, then you know he practiced a pay it forward life style.  I hope that we, as his friends and family can continue that practice with him in mind.