Monday, June 28, 2010

Relics From The Past

Just down the street from the Ikirt House in East Liverpool is the home of Dr. Bartolovich (if that is still who owns it.  I am not sure). His back yard is surrounded by a stone wall.  I was working on the East Liverpool tour and decided to look in the back gate.  Boy did I get an eye full!   At the time, I had no idea where the stone carvings came from, though my first thought was something old and English honestly.  The faces on the wall looked like something you would see on an old castle.  And I wasn't far off!  
Those two faces once adorned the entrance to the old Central School that stood for about 80 years across from the Carnegie Library.  It is now the site of the alumni building and the clock tower.   Dr. Bartolovich even has the large stone pillars that stood in front of the school also.  I was delighted to see such large chunks of the school still in one piece and able to be seen, sort of.  Thank you Dr. Bartolovich for saving such wonderful reminders of a building long gone.  They certainly are greatly appreciated by me.