Sunday, July 4, 2010

Laurel Hollow Park (Newell Park) Revisited.

This was full of dirt when we visited last.  It is in great shape now.  We walked all the way through the tunnel for the stream.  It was a great adventure!This is Laurel Hollow Park in Newell.  It was once a zoo that held animals like polar bears and monkeys.  We went in March, taking a lot of pictures, so when we returned on Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of work had been done on the area. The animal den was patched and new cement poured.  The tunnel for the stream was patched back together and we even walked through it.  We found the remains of a couple more enclosures and admired the new flowers planted in the round flower garden.   It was a very pleasant experience.   We also found out where the old fountain that used to be here went.  It belongs where the road above now runs past Homer Laughlin.   Another story to follow about it soon. 
It is a very pleasant little park to visit and has just enough left from the old days to keep any history buff entertained.  Don't know yet about any ghosts.  But we will.