Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Midnight Adventure Down The Virgin Walk

On July 3 we went on yet another adventure, like many others, to Gretchen's Lock.  We have been working on a section of a trail behind the Grist Mill we are calling The Virgin Trail.  It was referred to as that during  a ghost walk back in 2008 we had by a man who claimed to be a medium.   The name just stuck. 
The trail is back far enough to be away from all the popular spots and creepy enough to give us a good time.  It takes us down by the creek and a lot of strange sounds come from all directions in that area.  We also went to visit an old tree way up the trail that fell some years ago.  It very well could have been alive during the time of Sprucevale.  We did several EVP and Ghost Box sessions here, but we are still going over the data for those.
As usual we had a tense, scary and exhilarating adventure.  For all we know, the noises we hear are from Raccoons, coyotes, owls, or some other woodland creature.   But our imaginations are always at the front.  It is a good test of nerve.  We will be returning often to this area to do more research, possibly for a future tour.