Thursday, July 8, 2010

Township Line Cemetery Revisited

We made two cemetery stops today on our Lusks Lock Adventure.  I have plastered FaceBook with Lusks Lock so I decided to put Township Line Cemetery on the blog.  We stopped at Bowman's Cemetery too, but everyone has seen that, so I went with the lesser known of the two.
Township Line Cemetery has also been called Madison Township Cemetery (another of this name is down on East Liverpool Road, near  West Point.).  This cemetery is in serious need of attention.  As you can see by the pictures, it is severely overgrown and suffers from several fallen trees.  Many of the stones need repaired.  There are two family plots still intact, complete with a wrought iron fence around each.  The Chess Pieces, as I have called them, are so overgrown you almost can't see them.  Occupied by the March family, they line the back of the cemetery. 
We got two really nice EVP here.  One says "I know who you are!"  and it is said in such a way that it seemed like whoever it was suddenly recognized one of us. 
This may well be a stop on the tour we are having on July 18 at Lusk Lock and Bowman's Cemetery.  We may stop there on the way back.