Friday, July 9, 2010

Art Work By Will, Our Gadget Guy

The new art work added to the blog is by our crew member, Will, who loves gadgets. This is his design.  He handles the Ghost Radar on our investigations, along with EVP. 

Some Cool Pics Taken At Lusk's Lock

I took over 50 pictures at Lusks Lock the other day.  Out of all of them, these two have a strange anomaly in them.  I was taking a picture of the creek and in the center it is like something nearly invisible is standing there, in between the view and me.  In the second picture, a similar anomaly is hovering over Will and Briana, only smaller. Click on the pictures to make them larger to see better.  I checked my camera lens and it is clean.  These are the only two pictures that have this on them.