Tuesday, July 13, 2010


These are some of the Characters we are going to attempt to bring to life for the ghost walk "Meet the Legends of Columbiana County".

1. Esther Hale

2. David (Little Boy who haunted the house at Gretchen's)
3. Gretchen Gill
4. Jake the Night Watchman
5. The Blue Lady of Thompson Park
6. Lucy Cobb(the Mushroom Lady of Gretchen's Lock)
7. Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd
8. Cry Baby Bridge(Salem)
9. Christina Sloan(Hanoverton Witch)
10.Julia Walls (The Barrel Lady)
11.Alice Lyons (connected to Julia Walls)
12. Unknown Carnival Girl (connected to Julia Walls)
13.Willis Payne (man who started the Adamant Pottery Fire in 1918. He killed two men to do it, cutting off the head, arms and legs of one of them)
15.The Captain and the Lady(Grimms Bridge Story)
16.Brian and the Lost Girl (Grimms bridge Story)
17.Billy Amos (Spring Grove Cemetery Story)
18. Shadow People
19.Chief Logan
20.Random ghosts along the trail
21. The Captain(haunts near the Time Capsule)
22. Katie(little girl who haunts Pavilion #1)
23. The Grumpy Ghost(a shadow person type spirit for near the Tennis Courts.)
24. Bowman Cemetery's Witch
25. General John Hunt Morgan

Costume availability and the number of volunteers will determine how many of these characters will be there. And remember, this is about ghosts more than anything else.  You will see them as they are in their ghost life.  No reenactments.  Just ghosts. Except for Bigfoot.

Just Another Scary Old House

We passed through little Irondale on our tour of the Yellowcreek area on Sunday.  So many stories out of that tour and I decided to begin with this one!  Teresa and Alan, our guides, told us about this little house that sits by the road and we stopped and looked at it.
The beautiful detail to be found on the outside of this home is never seen anymore. I can
imagine it being made by some gentleman for his lovely new wife.  So much pride went into the many little details around every corner.
As I walked around it and took pictures, Teresa said she heard it may have once been a stagecoach stop.  And here it sits, ever so slowly decaying away.     Part of the inside apparently burned and the owners just didn't have enough money to repair it.  Now it is just a scary old house.  To me it is a beautiful example of an age long gone.  If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know!