Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Answer to a Mystery About the Diamond House

This picture is of East Liverpool 1900.  There are many interesting things about it, like the sight of that huge pottery in the far left.  Or the presence of the Roving Sentinel in the Diamond.  Notice the Diamond House has a Cylinder that runs up the side.   It has a top, giving the building an extra touch of elegance.
At some point, the top disappears from pictures.

This is what it looks like today.  The top of the Cylinder is missing and changes the whole look of the building.  At the Jaycees meeting on Sunday, one of the members, Dan, mentioned how the top is just laying up there on the roof of the building.  It was knocked off during one of the fires that ravaged the city and has layed up there ever since.  Mystery solved.  Now, does anyone know what happened to the top of the Civil War Memorial building at Riverview Cemetery?