Saturday, July 17, 2010

Work On The Legends Walk Continues

This is my crew member, Makayla.  She is standing in a clearing where we plan to put one of our Legends.  I wanted to see what someone would look like there.  Beside her is a really nice orb.  I thought it interesting. 
Everything went nicely this evening.   We walked the trail once more, with Brian(a member of the East Liverpool Jaycees) and Paula(an East Liverpool Review employee) in tow.  Brian was busy thinking, a lot.  :)  Visions of a Trail of Terror for Halloween with the Jaycees was dancing through his head.  They hope to get permission from the Thompson Park council to have a haunted trail of terror of some sort here this year.  They have not had a haunted anything since they had to sell their building a few years back.  Now they are searching for a new place to scare people for Halloween.  Thompson park would be perfect.  So many places to scare you with! 
We still need a few more volunteers, though most of the characters are filled.  We still need Shadow People, Random Ghosts, and a few of the male characters remain open.  We also still need someone to play Lucy Cobb.  The roles are not hard.  Ghosts do not talk.  Most of their stories are on paper.  We will be sending small groups down, about 6 at a time.  Larger groups may want a guide.  
There is no charge to come to this event.  There will be a donation jar set up so you can help out the park and Jaycees if you want. 
Any questions?  Email me.