Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thompson Park Ghost Walk July 17

It was a nice evening at Thompson Park tonight.  Hot.  Muggy.  Successful.  We were joined by Holly (who would be on my crew if she didn't live in Columbus!  When she is up here, we always try to work out a little hunting somewhere.)  Bryan from the Jaycees, and Billi and Jen.  
We worked down on the Back 9, starting with the area where Makayla stood the other night.  We had some interesting things happen to us tonight, but because of the walk next Saturday, I am not going to let you hear it until next week.  It was a good night though.  After we worked this little clearing, we went down to the first bridge.  Amazing.  This was a good crew tonight and we had a great time.  You will be hearing the EVP we got this evening, next week.  The Ghost Box sessions were pretty good also.    But we have two EVP sessions that are Class A EVP's, clear and easy to hear.  
At one point, Bryan jumped out from behind a tree and scared everyone.  One of the girls said  "Now I believe he is from the Jaycees."