Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rehearsal Night Number 1

These are just a few of the people who have volunteered for the "Meet The Legends Of Columbiana County" ghost walk we are having for the Ghost Hunters Show on Saturday, July 24.  It starts at 7pm.  We will have it running until 9pm.
Our first rehearsal was to determine where everyone would be, and to get some more costume ideas.  The masks are from the Jaycees basement and may be worn by the shadow people and random ghost you will encounter on the path.   While our main characters MIGHT not bother you, these guys surely will. 

We are also getting a coffin, fog machines and a few other surprises, too.  Thank you to the lovely ladies and kind gentlemen who have come out to volunteer their time for this event. 

Pop and water will be sold by the Jaycees and a donation jar for the park will be available also. 

Our next rehearsal is Thursday night at 7pm.  Anyone interested in being a random ghost or shadow person for this event, please be there at 7.  If you choose a shadow person, where black.  If a ghost, choose a costume of some kind and be ready to be made into a white ghostly form.  (We are using simple baby powder for this effect.)