Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brooke McKinely(a member of my crew) is Esther Hale!

One of the many legends of Columbiana County is that of Esther Hale.  She was the daughter of a Quaker preacher.  She met a young man, fell in love, and was getting married on Aug 12.  Wearing a beautiful wedding gown, she waited at the alter for her young man, but he never came.  For days afterward, she would be seen walking the streets of Sprucevale, still wearing her wedding gown, looking for her love.  Four months went by and finally no one saw her anymore.  Several members of the town went to her home to check on her and discovered her door banging open and closed in the wind.  When they entered her little house, they found her sitting at her dining room table, surrounded by all the food from her wedding feast.  It was untouched and rotten.  And Esther Hale herself was dead.  She had starved to death. 
Now, every August 12 you can find her on the bridge at Gretchen's Lock, the former location of Sprucevale.  But beware.  If she touches you, you will grow and wither and die, while she stays young and beautiful!

Esther is one of the 20 stories we are telling at the Ghost Walk "Meet the Legends of Columbiana County" on July 24 at 7pm.  This event is free.  There will be a donation jar set out and all money collected will be given to Thompson Park!