Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Ghost on Rt. 39 Outside of Wellsville?

Her name was possibly
Susan .  She went missing about 18 years ago.  The victim of an apparent car accident, her car went over the guard rail on Rt. 39 and plunged into a little ravine.  It was during the summer when she disappeared.  She was found by a hunter several months later, still in her car.

There have been several reports of a woman being seen standing beside this sign on Rt 39.  It is just above the ravine where Susan and another woman was found.  One person reported that when seeing this woman they were filled with great saddness. We are looking into this case and searching for information about this accident.  If you know this story, have seen this ghostly apparition along this road, or know the date that this accident occurred, please let me know.  Email me!