Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 Nuns on a Bridge? A Lock 57 Tale.

Lock 57 Park has it's own ghost story.  This was a busy area at one time, with towns like Smithferry and Island Run nearby.  There was a paper mill just upstream, and grist mills in the area.  The bridge in the pictures is not the original.  There was one there similar to Grimms Bridge, but two lane.  It was destroyed in the early 70s when Hurricane Agnes ripped through here.   I remember because my dad worked at Crucible Steel in Midland and had to go down through the Grimms Bridge Area to get to work for a long time while the bridge was replaced.
But, many years before that there was a dark night when 5 nuns were riding in a buggy, on their way home.  It was late and perhaps they shouldn't have been out.  They were singing hymns as their buggy jolted along.   It is unclear the details of their accident.  Did something spook the horses pulling them along? Did someone jump out and try to rob them, their singing attracting the robbers attention?  No one knows for sure, but the horses bolted hazardously toward the bridge and the buggy smashed into the side, ultimately falling over the edge, into the creek.  All 5 nuns were killed, and at leasst one version of the story says they were beheaded.  
Today, there have been many people who have reported hearing mysterious singing coming from the bridge at midnight as they sat below it fishing.  While the sound of hymns should have been comforting, this singing only filled the listeners with dread.